3.3.9 FileIconBox

  Open Motif 2.3 and later provide some "Contributed Widgets" such as XmIconButton and XmIconBox classes, which seem to be slightly similar to XmPushButton extension with a pixmap and XmButtonBox respectively. The XmIconButton can be used to show an icon (pixmap) and a label string simultaneously in a button.
On OZ++, to create an instance of IconButton, you have to specify XmNlalbelString and XmNpixmap resources as shown below:

IconButton* createIconButton(View* parent, const char* label, Pixmap iconPixmap)
  CompoundString cs(label);
  Args ar;
  ar.set(XmNlabelString, cs);
  ar.set(XmNiconPlacement, XmIconTop);
  ar.set(XmNpixmap, IconPixmap);
  return new IconButton(parent, label, ar);

The following ScrolledFileIconBox program is an example to display folders and files with pixmaps in FileIconBox (Motif++ 1.0.5) in ScrolledWindow.

//Copyright (c) 2015 Antillia.com TOSHIYUKI ARAI. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

#include <oz++/motif/ApplicationView.h>
#include <oz++/motif/ScrolledFileIconBox.h>
#include <oz++/motif/Color.h>
#include <oz++/motif/PixmapFile.h>

namespace OZ {

class MainView :public ApplicationView {
  SmartPtr<ScrolledFileIconBox>        scrolledFileIconBox;
  void   activate(Action& action)
    XmIconButtonCallbackInfo* cbs =
    View* sender = (View*)action.getSender();
    XmString xms;
    sender -> get(XmNlabelString, (XtArgVal)&xms);
    int fileType;
    sender -> get(XmNuserData, (XtArgVal)&fileType);
    CompoundString cs(xms);
    char* name = cs.unparse();
    printf("activated %s fileType=%d\n", name, fileType);

  MainView(Application& applet, const char* name, Args& args)
  :ApplicationView(applet, name, args)
    Color color(this);
    Args ar;
    ar.set(XmNminimumHorizontalCells, 6);
    ar.set(XmNfolderIconFile, "../xpm/folder48.xpm");
    ar.set(XmNfileIconFile,   "../xpm/file48.xpm");
    scrolledFileIconBox = new ScrolledFileIconBox(this, "", ar);
    FileIconBox* iconBox = scrolledFileIconBox -> getIconBox();
    Pixel fg = color.whitePixel();
    iconBox -> set(XmNbackground, fg);

    const char* dir = getenv("HOME");
    const char* pattern = "*";

    iconBox -> addDirectories(dir, pattern);
    iconBox -> addFiles(dir, pattern);
    iconBox -> addCallback(XmNactivateCallback, this,
          (Callback)&MainView::activate, NULL);



int main(int argc, char** argv)
  const char*  appclass = argv[0];
  Application applet(appclass, argc, argv);
  try {
    Args args;
    args.set(XmNgeometry, "600x500");
    MainView view(applet, argv[0], args);

  } catch (Exception& ex) {
  return 0;

Last modified: 1 Jan 2017

 Last modified: 1 Jan 2017

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