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 * MsgEncDec.cpp 

// SOL9
// 2009/03/18

#include <sol/crypt/CryptServiceProvider.h>
#include <sol/crypt/CertSystemStore.h>
#include <sol/crypt/CertContext.h>
#include <sol/crypt/CertSelectionDialog.h>
#include <sol/crypt/CryptMsg.h>

void _tmain(int argc, TCHAR** argv)
  try {
    const TCHAR* orgFileName = _T(".\\sample_org.txt");  //This shall exist in this currentfolder.

    const TCHAR* encFileName = _T(".\\sample_enc.bin");
    const TCHAR* decFileName = _T(".\\sample_dec.txt");

    if (GetFileAttributes(orgFileName) == 0xffffffff) {
      _tprintf(_T("Error: Not found a sample data file %s\n"), orgFileName);
    //A file orgFileName is encoded to a file of encFileName by CrytMsg.encodeStream()
    //The the of encFileName is decoded to a file of decFileName by CryptMsg.decodeStream().

    CryptServiceProvider csp;

    const TCHAR* CA = _T("CA");
    CertSystemStore ca(csp, CA);

    _tprintf(_T("1 Try to select a certificate of %s\n"), CA);

    CertSelectionDialog certSelDlg(ca);
    //Select a certificate to use encode the file of orgFileName.
    //PCCERT_CONTEXT pContext = certSelDlg.popup();
    PCCERT_CONTEXT pContext =;

    if (pContext) {

      _tprintf(_T("2 OK, selected a certificate\n"));
      CertContext cert(pContext);
      TCHAR name[MAX_PATH];
      cert.getName(name, SizeOf(name)); //2012/06/21
      _tprintf(_T("Name:%s\n"), name);

      _tprintf(_T("3 Try to msgEncoer.encodeStream\n"));

      CryptMsg msgEncoder;
      if (msgEncoder.encodeStream(pContext, orgFileName, encFileName) == NO_ERROR) {
        _tprintf(_T("3 OK, msgEncoder.encodeStream() %s -> %s\n"),
          orgFileName, encFileName);

        _tprintf(_T("4 Try to msgDecoder.decodeStream()\n"));
        CryptMsg msgDecoder;
        if (msgDecoder.decodeStream(encFileName, decFileName) == NO_ERROR) {
          _tprintf(_T("5 OK, msgDecoder.decodeStream() %s -> %s \n"),
            encFileName, decFileName);
        } else {
          _tprintf(_T("6 Failed to msgDecoder.decodeStream\n"));
      } else {
        _tprintf(_T("7 Failed to msgEncoder.encodeStream\n"));

    } else {
      _tprintf(_T("8 NG, Canceled a selection\n"));
  } catch (...) {
    printf("9 Excption: %x\n", GetLastError());

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