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1 SolCompoundFileViewer

  SolCompoundFileViewer is a Windows GUI tool to view the structure(storages and streams) of the Microsoft
Compound Files such as Office 2003/2007 documents. See Figures 1 and 2(2008/12/29).

You can drag and drop a compound file into the left pane, and view the storages and streams in the left pane
and content of each stream in the right hex view.

Figure 1 is the case of an Office 2007 Open XML DOCX file protected by IRM (Information Rights Management).
Figure 2 is the case of an Office 2007 Open XML XLSX file encrypted by PWD(Password).
The Office 2007 files of Open XML Formats will be transformed into binary compoundfile formats (not ZIP formats)
after protection by IRM or encryption by PWD.
For the ZIP-formt example of an Office 2007 Open XML PPTX file, please see Figure 2.

2 Download

  You can download the latest SolCompoundFileViewer : (SolCompoundFileViewer.zip)

Figure 1 SolCompoundFileViewer (DOCX)

Figure 2 SolCompoundFileViewer (XLSX)

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 Last modified: 6 May 2016

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