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1 SolEventWatcher

  SolEventWatcher is a simple Windows application to watch changes of Event Logs for Application, System
and Security.

SolEventWatcher can be used to watch or spy what's happening behind the Windows systems. See Figure 1.
This tool is implemented by using a well-known Windows API 'NotifyChangeEventLog'.

2 Download

  You can download the latest SolEventWatcher 9 Aug 2009): (SolEventWatcher.zip)

3 How to use it?

1. Run SolEventWatcher program on your desktop, then a Windows window will be displayed. See Figure 1.

2. To start a watch of Event Logs, select [Start] item of a pulldown menu for [Watcher] menu.
Then, select an item from the items(Application, System, Security) of the submenu.

3. To stop the watch, select [Stop] of a pulldown menu for [Watcher] menu.

4. The latest detected Event Log information will be displayed on a top line in a treeview of the window.
See Figures 2 to 4

Figure 1 SolEventWatcher

Figure 2 SolEventWatcher for Application

Figure 3 SolEventWatcher for System

Figure 4 SolEventWatcher for Security

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 Last modified: 6 May 2016

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