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1 SolFileViewer

  SolFileViewer is a Windows Smart File Viewer which supports a wide range of file formats.See Figure 1.
This application has a folder tree view in the left pane and a viewer window in the right pane.
The former is used to browse a folder and select a file and the latter to view a content of a file.

This tool is implemented by two standard Windows components of 'FolderBrowser' for the treeview and 'Web Browser'
(Internet Explorer) for the viewer.
The viewable types of files are fairly wide, but depend on the viewer's abilities of Internet Explorer and its add-ons.

  • 2009/10/07: Updated for compatibility on Windows 7.

  • 2 Download

      You can download the latest SolFileViewer 7 Oct 2009): (SolFileViewer.zip)

    3 How to use it?

    1. Run SolFileViewer program on your desktop, then a Windows Explorer like window will be displayed. See Figure 1.

    2. Browse a folder and select a file to view in the left treeview pane of the window.
    Or input a file name or url in the text field of upper combobox.

    3. Then the content of the file or url will be displayed in the right viewer pane.See Figures 2 to 7.
    For some files which can not be displayed directly in the viewer window, associated applications for the files(if exist)
    will be launched. For example, Office application will be launched when an office file selected.

    Currently, the files of extensions of *.dll, *.ocx, *.obj, *.sys are ignored.

    Figure 1 SolFileViewer

    Figure 2 SolFileViewer for a text file

    Figure 3 SolFileViewer for a jpg file

    Figure 4 SolFileViewer for a pdf file

    Figure 5 SolFileViewer for a url file in Favorites

    Figure 6 SolFileViewer for an xml file

    Figure 7 SolFileViewer for an xps file

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     Last modified: 6 May 2016

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