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1 SolIPAdapterAddressesWatcher

  SolIPAdapterAddressesWatcher is a Windows GUI tool to watch IPAdapterAddress changes.See Figure 1.
The Windows IP Helper API 'NotifyAddrChange' is used to watch changes of IPAdapterAddresses.
This is a very simple GUI version of the Windows command line tool 'ipconfig.exe'.
See also the following console application:
  • '/src/console_app/net/IPAdapterAddressesWatcher'

  • Note:
  • 2009/09/07: Modified to show folder and string icons for items of the treeview.

  • 2 Download

      You can download the latest SolIPAdapterAddressesWatcher (Updated:2009/09/07): (SolIPAdapterAddressesWatcher.zip)

    Figure 1 SolIPAdapterAddressesWatcher

    Last modified: 6 May 2016

     Last modified: 6 May 2016

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