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1 SolIPInterfaceWatcher

  SolIPInterfaceWatcher is a simple Windows application to watch changes of all IP(IPv4 and IPv6) interfaces on a local computer.
This application runs on Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.

SolIPInterfaceWatcher can be used to watch what changes for IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces have been caused on the Windows systems.

This tool is implemented by using a Windows Vista (and later versions) API 'NotifyIpInterfaceChange'.
See also the console application 'src/console_app/net/IPInterfaceChangeNotifier' of SOL9 library samples.

2 Download

  You can download the latest SolIPInterfaceWatcher 30 Aug 2009): (SolIPInterfaceWatcher.zip)

3 How to use it?

1. Run SolIPInterfaceWatcher program on your desktop, then a Windows window will be displayed. See Figure 1.

2. To start a watcher, select [Start] item of a pulldown menu for [Watcher] menu.

3. To stop the watcher, select [Stop] item of a pulldown menu for [Watcher] menu.

4. The latest change of IP interface will be displayed in a treeview of the window.
See Figures 2

Figure 1 SolIPInterfaceWatcher

Figure 2 SolIPInterfaceWatcher Started

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 Last modified: 6 May 2016

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