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1 SolNetstat

  SolNetstat is a simple Windows application to show the network states of TCP and UDP tables.
This is a GUI version of command line tool 'netstat'. See Figure 1.

SolNetstat can be used to monitor the current network state, the owing process ID and module information of TCP and UDP
of the Windows systems.

  • 2009/09/06: Added [Statistics] menu and pull-downmenu [Ip], [Tcp] and [Udp] for the menu.
    You can now display statistics information for Ip, Tcp and Udp. See Figure 2.
  • 2 Download

      You can download the latest SolNetstat 6 Sep 2009): (SolNetstat.zip)

    3 How to use it?

    1. Run SolNetstat program on your desktop, then a Windows window will be displayed.
    The network IP addresses, network state, owing process ID and module information will be shown in the listview.See Figure 1.

    2. To show the latest information, select [Refresh] item of a pulldown menu for [File] menu.

    3. To show statistics information for 'Ip', 'Tcp' or 'Udp', select an item of a pulldown menu for [Statistic] menu.
    StatisticsViewer for the item will be displayed. See Figure 3.

    Figure 1 SolNetstat

    Figure 2 SolNetstat Statistics

    Figure 3 SolNetstat Tcp Statistics

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     Last modified: 6 May 2016

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