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1 SolPerformanceBrowser

  SolPerformanceBrowser is a Windows GUI tool to view and inspect all performance objects with instance names and counter names
of a local computer.See Figure 1.
SolPerformanceBrowser can be used to browse performace counter information only by simple mouse clicks.

  • 2009/09/25: Modified to show 'CounterInfo' for a performance counter path. See Figure 2.
  • 2009/09/28: Added [Open] and [Save] items to [File] menu, you can open and save a PerformanceObjectReport file
    of HTML format.
  • 2 Download

      You can download the latest SolPerformanceBrowser Sep 2009) : (SolPeformanceBrowser.zip)

    3 How to use it?

    1. Run SolPerformanceBrowser program on your desktop, then a Windows window will be displayed.
    It has a treeview in the left pane and a query window in the right pane.
    A tree of all performance objects with counter names and instance names on the local computer will be displayed in
    the left treeview.See Figure 1.

    2. Select a performance object name, an instance name, or a counter name of a performance object in the
    left treeview.

    3, Select an instance name or a counter name if needed in the right query pane to make a counterpath,
    and click [Query] button to start a performance query.
    A query result of the counterpath will be displayed in the listview of the query pane. See Figure 1

    4. To show the latest information, select [Refresh] item of a pulldown menu for [File] menu.

    5. To show 'CounterInfo' of a counterPath, select a counterPath in the listview of the query pane.
    Click a right button of mouse on the selected counterPath, and a context menu will be displayed.
    Select [Show CounterInfo] item from the context menu, then a CounterInfoViewer Window to show properties
    of the counterPath will be displayed. See Figure 2.

    6. To save the PerformanceObject information in the treeview to a 'SolPerformaceObject Report' HTML file, select [Save] of a pulldown
    menu for [File] menu. A ConfirmationDialog to save will be displayed. See Figure 3.

    7. To open a 'SolPerformance Viewer' HTML file, select [Open] of a pulldown menu for [File] menu.
    Select a sfw_*.html HTML file in a FileOpenDialog, the selected 'SolPerformanceObject Report' file will be displayed
    in a WebBrowser. See Figure 4.

    Figure 1 SolPerformanceBrowser

    Figure 2 SolPerformanceBrowser CounterInfoViewer

    Figure 3 SolPerformanceBrowser Save Report

    Figure 4 SolPerformanceBrowser Open Report

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     Last modified: 6 May 2016

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