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1 SolProcessWatcher

  SolProcessWatcher is one of the simplest Windows applications to watch a creation of a process by using WMI.See Figure 1.

2 Download

  You can download the latest SolProcessWatcher (UPDATED: 20 Mar 2012): (SolProcessWatcher.zip)

3 How to use it?

1. Run SolProcessWatcher program on your desktop, then a listview window will be displayed. See Figure 1.

2. To start a watch of a process creation, select [Start] of a pulldown menu for [Watcher] menu.

4. To stop the watch, select [Stop] of a pulldown menu for [Watcher] menu.

5. A detected process name with commandline, creationdate and PID will be displayed in listview. See Figure 1.

Figure 1 SolProcessWatcher

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 Last modified: 6 May 2016

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