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1 SolWMPLibraryViewer

  SolWMPLibraryViewer is a simple Windows application to view a tree structureof of Winodws Media Library and the properties of a Windows media.

This application runs on Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.

SolWMPLibraryViewer can be used to view properties and attributes of a Winodws media of types (audio, video, photo and playlist) registered on WMP Libraries(Local, Disc, Remote and Portable Device).
See also the following console applications:
  • 'src/console_app/wmp/WMPAllLibrary'

  • 'src/console_app/wmp/WMPLocalLibrary'

  • 2 Download

      You can download the latest SolWMPLibraryViewer 16 Dec 2011): (SolWMPLibraryViewer.zip)

    3 How to use it?

    1. Run SolWMPLibraryViewer program on your desktop, then a Windows window will be displayed. See Figure 1.

    2. To view a tree structure of a Windows Media Library, select a library type from a pulldown menu for [WMP Library] menu. See Figure 1.

    3. To display properties and attributes of a Windows media, select a media name in a left treeview. See Figure 2.

    4. The properties and attributes of the selected media will be displayed in a right listview. See Figures 3

    Figure 1 SolWMPLibraryViewer

    Figure 2 SolWMPLibraryViewer Local Library

    Figure 3 SolWMPLibraryViewer Properties and Attributes

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