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1 SolZipFileViewer

  SolZipFileViewer is a Windows GUI tool to view the structure of a file of ZIP format.See Figures 1, 2, and 3.
You can view the folders and files (with encryption flag) in ZIP files, Office 2007 files of Open XML format
and Java jar files.
As you can easily see, the Office 2007 file of Open XML format has no 'File Folder' entry. See Figure 2.
  • 2009/11/03: Now, you can drag and drop a ZIP file from Windows Explorer into the ListView.

  • 2 Download

      You can download the latest SolZipFileViewer 3 Nov 2009) : (SolZipFileViewer.zip)

    Figure 1 SolZipFileViewer(ZIP)

    Figure 2 SolZipFileViewer(PPTX)

    Figure 3 SolZipFileViewer(Jar)

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     Last modified: 6 May 2016

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