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  • 20 Nov 2008:Added a note on Runtime dll to run the latest SolMailProxy(
  • 12 Nov 2008:Added some FAQs.

    Q:Are source files of SolMailProxy available?
    A:No, they are not available on free.

    Q:Where should I install this SolMailProxy program?
    A:You have to install it in each local client machines, not a remote server machine, because it works
    as a local SMTP Proxy Server on client machines.
    SolMailProxy receives a mail from your mail client program, shows a [Recipients Confirmation] Dialog
    on your own machine and waits your click operation to [OK] or [Cancel] button to send or retract it.

    Q:Some encrypted PDF files seem to be mistakenly marked as unencrypted?
    A:That's a bug. Please install the latest updated version(Updated:20081107).

    Q:What '.NET Framework' version is needed to run SolMailProxy?
    A:SolMailProxy is compiled to use '.NET Framework 2.0' on Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
    '.NET Framework 2.0' or later version is required.

    Q:SoMailProxy ( doesn't start in an enviroment,any extra runtime dll is needed?
    A:SolMailProxy( is compiled to depend on 'MSVCR90.DLL' of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
    The latest version has been modified not to depend on 'MSVCR90.DLL'.
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