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1 What is SOL4Py
1.1 SOL4Py
SOL4Py is a tiny Python class library for Python, PyQt and OpenCV.
The basic class design of SOL4Py is based on that of our SOL9 C++ library. In order to develop our library, we have used the latest Python3.6, PyQt5, and OpenCV-3.4.1 on Windows 10 fall creators update environment. We have tested the sample programs on Windows 10 only, but you may run them on Linux environment too, provided you install required Python, PyQt, OpenCV modules on Linux.

On installation of PyQt5, please see the site Installing PyQt5

1.2 Download SOL4Py Library

Download: SOL4Py-1.1 Class Library for Python (Library & Samples) #2018.05.06)

2 How to use SOL4Py

2.1 Basic User Interface samples
2.1.1 How to use ZApplicationView?

2.1.2 How to use ZImageView?

2.1.3 How to use ZLabeledComboBox?

2.1.4 How to use ZLabeledSlider?

2.1.5 How to use ZScrolledImageView?

2.2 OpenCV samples
2.2.1 How to use ZOpenCVImageView?

2.2.2 How to use cv2.boxFilter?

2.2.3 How to use cv2.adaptiveThreshold?

4.2.4 How to use cv2.AKAZE feature detector?

2.2.5 How to use cv2.createStitcher?

2.2.6 How to use cv2.GaussianBlur and cv2.addWeighted?

2.2.7 How to use cv2.getStructuringElement and cv2.morphologyEx?

2.2.8 How to use cv2.FlannBasedMatcher?

2.2.9 How to use cv2.edgePreservingFilter, cv2.detailEnhance and cv2.pencilSketch?

2.2.10 How to use cv2.CascadeClassifier to detect faces?

2.2.11 How to use cv2.HOGDescriptor to detect pedestrians?

2.2.12 How to use cv2.VideoCapture to display video files?

2.2.13 How to use a scrolled plotting area to draw a figure of matplotlib and seaborn?

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